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Workshops / Supply List for Ateyo Workshop
« Last post by jarmstrong on May 03, 2018, 11:18:59 AM »
Has anyone seen the supply list for the Ateyo workshop?
Call for Artists / Art in Stratchona Park
« Last post by Tom Greene on April 24, 2018, 10:39:55 AM »
2018 ART IN STRATHCONA PARK – Saturday, August 11


up to July 17:    $80.00   (early bird)
from July 18:    $100.00

Send this form with cheque(s), payable to MICA


M. Bertrand
PO Box 51008 Bilberry Village
375 Des Epinettes
Orleans, ON  K1E 3E0

Artist Name:      ________________________________________       

Business Name (if any):      ____________________________

Address:  ______________________________________________   

City: ______         Prov. _____        Postal Code:  ______   

Phone:  _________        Email:  __________   

Description of Work:     

Payment enclosed (we accept cheques or Money Orders):
1.    $_______    Registration fee ($80 or $100), plus $25 per table rental . . .    # of tables:  ______   
2.    $_______    Table Rental Deposit ($50 per table rental – this will be returned at the end of the event)

Please check here ____ if you will be donating an item for the Silent Auction.  Provide estimated value: ______     

Item to be donated:      _________________________________________________________________

For more information, call 613-860-7800 or Email:
Please promote this event to your friends and family!

  • I will be responsible for my own cash transactions, including any sales tax that may apply.
  • I waive any responsibility to the organizers and the City of Ottawa for any injury, loss, theft or damage to anything that I bring to the park.
  • I agree that the organizers maintain the right to exclude any items deemed unsuitable in terms of quality or subject matter and that no items will be from kits, imported or mass produced.
  • I agree that the display space be no more than 12 x12 feet and that all displays will be set up at least 6 feet from walkways.
  • I agree that the registration fee is non-refundable in the event of cancellation by either party after July 17.
  • I accept to pay a $25 administration fee for any cancellation on or before July 17.
  • I understand that it is on a first-come, first-choice basis and that there is no pre-assigned site.
  • I agree to NOT PARK/DRIVE MY CAR ON THE GRASS OR PATHWAYS of Strathcona Park.
  • I agree ____ or do not agree ___ to have my Business Name ____ or Artist Name ____ (as indicated above) published in the Artist Directory that will be distributed to visitors on the day of the event and published on MICA’s website.
Signed:______________________________________________ Date ___________________

Thank you for supporting MICA -
Call for Artists / Good Eats Café – And New Art Gallery
« Last post by Tom Greene on April 24, 2018, 10:19:37 AM »
Good Eats Café, in Ottawa, offers a changing weekly menu of fresh sandwiches, salads and light hot meals, as well as sweet treats, breakfast sandwiches and baked goods. We cater to gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian preferences. We also offer coffee from local roasters, Equator, based in Almonte. And we cater. Menu posted weekly at

Currently located in a sweet, old house on Albert St (the “UP’ house), Good Eats is moving this summer to a larger, exciting and brand-new kitchen and eating space where it will launch its art gallery program.

Good Eats will soon be located at 473 Albert St. (between Bay and Bronson). This large new location is attached to a busy, multi-story office building and close to new residential buildings and developments. There will be street access and access from the office building. Good Eats is normally only open daytime Monday to Friday, but sometimes guest chef events and wine tastings take place in the evening. Artists can also hold evening openings catered by Good Eats.   
The gallery program offers artists inexpensive exhibit space and the opportunity to take responsibility to curate, hang, market and sell their own art – commission free -- in a busy downtown location. There will be about 14 meters of well-lit wall space, with professional gallery hanging hardware.

We are calling artists and arts organizations to contact the Good Eats Gallery Manager to book exhibit space at this exciting new location. Good Eats owners, employees and customers love art! We will show our appreciation for our exhibiting artists by ensuring their information is easily accessible to customers. We will work with you to help ensure a good experience exhibiting at Good Eats.

Here are the Fine Print and Legalities!
The Fine Print:

The space will be available to individual artists, group shows or artists’ organizations, for 2D art only at this time. Exhibits will generally last one month, but longer exhibit times can be arranged for group shows. Cost to exhibit is $43.50 + HST = $50 per month to help defray equipment costs. No commission on sales.
To ensure smooth transitions between art exhibitors, there will be an additional $50 fee for artists who do not remove their exhibit at the agreed date and time!

Michelle Marcotte is the gallery director (; 716-299-0442)
Interested artists should send:
1. Name of artist or group,
2. Contact information,
3. A short description of work to be displayed, (such as media, subject matter, number of artists and names of artists if a group project)
4. Artist statement and/or bio or description of the artists’ group or organization
5. Website (if available)
6. Then, once all this is sent and Michelle Marcotte is agreeable, you will be asked to send a few representative photos of the art to be displayed to her by email.
7. Your signature and date signed on the “Waiver of Liabilities” section below.
Professional gallery hanging equipment is used at Good Eats; information will be available about how to use it.

The Legalities:
Art exhibitors will have sole responsibility to hang and remove the exhibit on the agreed dates and times and at their own liability.

In agreeing to exhibit at Good Eats, and in recognition of the possible damage or loss which may occur to any exhibit, I hereby knowingly, freely and voluntarily waive ANY right or cause of action, of any kind whatsoever, arising as a result of damage, loss or theft from which any liability could accrue to Good Eats Café, or the building venue or management or the gallery manager. Artists exhibit at Good Eats Café at their own risk.

Artist’s signature and date:
Member Events / Watercolor Classes in Cornwall
« Last post by Tom Greene on March 23, 2018, 12:57:05 PM »
About Alan and Audrey
Both Alan & Audrey have three paintings each, in the Society of Canadian Artists, 2018 International Open Juried On-Line Exhibition. To reach this show, follow this 

Upcoming Exhibitions
Audrey and Alan have paintings accepted in the Cailuan Gallery, “Landscapes” exhibition, March 23rd,  Cornwall.
Alan will participate in the Manotick Art Association Group exhibition April 13,14 and 15.
Alan & Audrey will participate in the Nepean Fine Arts League Exhibition April 20, 21 and 22.
Alan is teaching for St. Lawrence College Summer School of the Arts:

Classes in Cornwall:
  • May 26 & 27   Watercolours on Hard Surfaces – prepare your own Masonite and paint in watercolour.
  • June 9 & 10   Disappearing Barns – return to our heritage – paint lovely old barns in watercolour.
  • August 8 & 9   Painting the North – Capturing images of the mysterious northlands: Algonquin, Granite Lake images, rapids and more.
An additional note. Alan has written 400 pages in the development of his next book; a sequel to Kimberlite Adventure.

Find our website at: alanandaudreybain.com
Member Events / MAA Meetings
« Last post by Tom Greene on March 07, 2018, 08:49:51 AM »
April 3, 2018: City of Ottawa Public Art Policy and Art Acquisition Program
“Public art brings colour, beauty and imagination to neighbourhoods all over Ottawa. Whether it’s a mural at a Transitway station or a sculpture along the sidewalk, public art has become part of the fabric of this city - inspiring residents and visitors alike.”

Find out more about the City’s Public Art Policy and process. Julie Dupont, Coordinator Cultural Public Arts, will tag team with artist Tim desClouds, creator of several public art pieces, including ‘Celebration of Community’ in Greely Village Park. Together they will share their insights and examples of how ‘public art’ comes about.

May 2, 2018: Pam Thompson
Pam Thompson, docent with the National Gallery of Canada, and resident of nearby Stonebridge, will give a presentation on the 150th Anniversary Exhibit, “Our Masterpieces, Our Stories”, at the National Gallery.

This completely new exhibit space ‘offers an unprecedented panorama of the art of our country’. Commencing with the Indigenous Gallery, Pam will highlight early Canadian artists, the founding of the National Gallery, Group of 7, Contemporary Art and more.

It’s ‘Canadian Art History 101’ - you won’t want to miss it.
Member Events / Inspirations Spring Show
« Last post by Tom Greene on February 22, 2018, 05:01:37 PM »
Member Events / Let's Paint a Lighthouse Sunset
« Last post by Tom Greene on February 21, 2018, 01:32:31 PM »
Member Events / Captivation at the Foyer
« Last post by Tom Greene on February 21, 2018, 01:26:21 PM »
Publicity and Marketing / Spring Show and Social Media
« Last post by Tom Greene on February 16, 2018, 12:38:49 PM »
Spring Show
The Spring Show is around the corner. To help make it a success through the use of Social Media, Bonnie McQuillan our Publicity Co-ordinator has compiled a list of tutorials to help you understand and use popular social media to improve chances for success.

Social Media Tutorials
Please follow the links below. Most importantly, visit the MAA Facebook and like it!
Click here to go to Manotick Art Association Facebook Page
Click here to learn how to create a personal account on Facebook
Click here to learn how to set up a Facebook business page
Click here to learn how to set up an Instagram account

To see all the tutorials on one page, please visit If you wish you can fill out the sharing Form at the bottom of the page to connect with other MAA members. There will be more info weekly - so keep coming back to see what's new.

Contact Info
If you have questions, contact Bonnie at
Call for Artists / Ottawa Orchid Society Show
« Last post by Tom Greene on February 15, 2018, 10:05:51 AM »
Hello Orchid Artists, Photographers and Friends,

As in the past we are working hard again to bring you this spring's, "Ottawa Society Orchid  Show" and Art gallery event  on April 21 and 22.
This will be our 37th Annual Show. Last year's Show, at the RA Centre, was again a huge success with a record breaking attendance.

We hope you will join us again on April 21 and 22 by submitting some of your favorite Orchid inspired fine art paintings, photography, fiber art,
sculpture, jewelry and other fine crafts. Please check the attached preregistration forms for the different classes, requirements and final date to
to register,  (April 13),  this year. Limit of 3 entries per artist; 1 entry per student (18 yrs or under).

The fine arts challenge for this year is "Orchids in a realistic, natural style" as shown by Robert Bateman and Beth Hoselton and the
photography challenge is "Orchids and pets". Interpretations can be made according to the artist's creativity.

Fees to exhibit (except for students) $10 per entry. Artists entering more than 2 works, the fee for a 3rd submission is reduced to $ 5 provided
payment is received on or before March 23rd.

This year our usual 10% commission fee, for an art sale, has been dropped and will no longer apply.

In order to submit  your work please contact Henry Steger at: or phone: 613.825.0374and send him your registration form
or a list of your entries with contact information and cheque. He will enter the information in our system and pass them on to me so I can be
ready for you when the art is dropped off at the RA Show location on April 20th between 4:00 and 7:00 pm.

If you would like to volunteer, as many members and non-members have done in the past, and are available to help out for a few hours at the
Art Gallery on Friday, Saturday or Sunday it would be very much appreciated. Please contact me. We will need help with registrations, set up
and sales at the Gallery as well as other parts of the Show. The time commitment can be as little as 2 and 3 hours. 

For further inquiries I can be contacted at: or by phone: 613.729.0175     
I look forward to hear from you and see you again at the Show,

Best regards,
Karina Isert, 
Art Gallery Chair, 2018
Phone: 613.729.0175
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