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Berthe Morisot & Mary Cassatt
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Berthe Morisot, the first woman to exhibit with the Impressionists, rose to prominence by painting rich compositions that highlighted the domestic lives of women of the time. Her paintings often included nudes, still lifes and portraits of her daughter Julie who was the artist’s favorite model.Following an invitation by her friend and mentor Edgar Degas, American painter Mary Cassatt joined the Impressionists around 1877. The artist is renowned for her vibrant depictions of mothers taking care of their children and other everyday scenes of domestic life at the time (knitting, reading, drinking tea, etc).Cassatt combined Impressionism with the influence of Japanese prints and traditional techniques of old masters to create works that articulated the complex relationship between women and children. But unlike the old masters who represented the female form in a very flattering manner, Cassatt depicted women for who they were, without adornment or beautification.