Author Topic: What You Can Learn From The Impressionists  (Read 422 times)

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What You Can Learn From The Impressionists
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There are many things you can learn from the Impressionists, even if you do not favor the style:You do not need to paint subjects with deep underlying meanings. You can paint flowers merely because you think they are pretty. This places a focus on painting technique over subject matter.You can create a vibration of color by using the broken color technique. This also allows you to blend subjects with the background like Camille Pissarro did in many of his paintings.You do not need to resort to blacks and browns for shadows. You can use blues, purples, greens and so on. This is a much more flexible approach to color and results in more colorful displays.Your impression of the subject is important and unique. This is the reason why two artists can paint the same subject, but end up with completely different paintings.