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MAA Exhibit Schedule
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Miller’s Oven Schedule:
  • January 3rd. Rachel MacDonald
  • February 6th. Maureen Johnson and Edie Hebert
  • March 6th. Jaynie Coulterman
  • April 3rd. tbd.  Someone not in Spring Show
  • May 1st. Sheila King
  • June 4th. Richard Pell
  • July 3rd. Vic Dohar
  • July 31st. Elizabeth Nanninga
  • August 28th. Louis Dubois and Aimee Britten
  • September 25th. Carol Laity and Diane Washam
  • October 23rd. Tbd.  Someone not in show
  • November 30th. Mixed Seasonal show through the to early Jan 2019

Note: Millers like us to take down and set up only at 3.15 pm on the dates stated.
If you make a sale you can go in and do the transaction with the purchaser and replace your sale.
Avoid very heavy frames.  Dates shown are UP dates for the artist indicated and of course down for the art before!

Higher Grounds Cafe. Manotick Mews
Our Square Foot show will be taken down on Friday 12th January 2018 @ 3 pm
  • January 14th Canterbury High School Art Show.   Come out see their work
  • February 15th. Lara Charlebois
  • March 14th. Anne Robinson
  • April 11th. Eileen Dawe
  • May 9th. Jaynie Coulterman
  • June 6th. Elizabeth Nanninga
  • July 4th. Rachel MacDonald
  • August 1st. Kirstie Topps
  • August 29th. Sheila King
  • September 26th. Sandy Armstrong
  • October 23rd. Tbd. Someone not in MAA fall show
  • November 30th. Group show with a theme held over holidays till early Jan 2018

Note.   For the rest of the year we will be using the rear wall and over the fireplace ONLY. Please avoid heavy frames as the works will slip down on the wires. Changeover times will be 3pm on dates stated.  Dates show are UP dates for artist indicated and Down for the artist or group before.

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