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Art in Stratchona Park
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2018 ART IN STRATHCONA PARK – Saturday, August 11


up to July 17:    $80.00   (early bird)
from July 18:    $100.00

Send this form with cheque(s), payable to MICA


M. Bertrand
PO Box 51008 Bilberry Village
375 Des Epinettes
Orleans, ON  K1E 3E0

Artist Name:      ________________________________________       

Business Name (if any):      ____________________________

Address:  ______________________________________________   

City: ______         Prov. _____        Postal Code:  ______   

Phone:  _________        Email:  __________   

Description of Work:     

Payment enclosed (we accept cheques or Money Orders):
1.    $_______    Registration fee ($80 or $100), plus $25 per table rental . . .    # of tables:  ______   
2.    $_______    Table Rental Deposit ($50 per table rental – this will be returned at the end of the event)

Please check here ____ if you will be donating an item for the Silent Auction.  Provide estimated value: ______     

Item to be donated:      _________________________________________________________________

For more information, call 613-860-7800 or Email:
Please promote this event to your friends and family!

  • I will be responsible for my own cash transactions, including any sales tax that may apply.
  • I waive any responsibility to the organizers and the City of Ottawa for any injury, loss, theft or damage to anything that I bring to the park.
  • I agree that the organizers maintain the right to exclude any items deemed unsuitable in terms of quality or subject matter and that no items will be from kits, imported or mass produced.
  • I agree that the display space be no more than 12 x12 feet and that all displays will be set up at least 6 feet from walkways.
  • I agree that the registration fee is non-refundable in the event of cancellation by either party after July 17.
  • I accept to pay a $25 administration fee for any cancellation on or before July 17.
  • I understand that it is on a first-come, first-choice basis and that there is no pre-assigned site.
  • I agree to NOT PARK/DRIVE MY CAR ON THE GRASS OR PATHWAYS of Strathcona Park.
  • I agree ____ or do not agree ___ to have my Business Name ____ or Artist Name ____ (as indicated above) published in the Artist Directory that will be distributed to visitors on the day of the event and published on MICA’s website.
Signed:______________________________________________ Date ___________________

Thank you for supporting MICA -