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Participants must be paid up members of MAA for the year 2020.

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Re-scheduled to June 2021 Brian Buckrell

Four Day Brian Buckrell Acrylic Workshop Developing Strong Landscape Paintings
Participants must be paid up members of MAA for the year 2021.

This four-day acrylic workshop will expose students to approaches for planning and developing an acrylic landscape painting. It is designed for the serious beginner (with acrylic experience) to the intermediate painter interested in strengthening fundamentals for developing strong acrylic landscape paintings. Oil painters using odourless solvents are welcome but all demos will be made in acrylics.

Day one we will review the fundamental principles of shape, value, colour and design that we will apply in our painting.  We will plan and paint together from a provided reference.  Day two we will review those fundamentals and you will paint from your own reference under supervision. Day three we will cover the fundamentals of perspective for landscape painters. Using a reference provided we plan and make a painting of an alley scene emphasizing both linear and atmospheric perspective. Day four you will paint again from your own reference under supervision and following the principles presented. 

Lots of learning; lots of fun

Location: Manotick United Church, 5567 Manotick Main St. Manotick
Date: June 2021
Timing: 9am-4pm
Registration: Workshops
Cost: $325- PayPal or an e-Transfer to:
Class Size: max 15 participants

Supply list will be sent out once registered.


Bio: Brian retired from the University of Guelph (veterinary medicine) in 2001 and relocated from Ontario, with his wife Cathy, to Comox B.C., on Vancouver Island. He began painting seriously in 2004 studying with acclaimed artists in Canada and the US. In 2007, he invested in full time study at the Jeffrey Watts Atelier in Encinitas California, drawing and painting from life. He continues to study with exceptional artists today. Brian paints full time. His paintings are reflective of his love of the outdoors, agriculture and rural communities. The more he paints the more his work moves towards abstracted impressions of his subjects.

Brian has won numerous competitions and awards for both his studio and plein air paintings in BC.

In 2016 in Ontario he was an invited participant in the 50th Anniversary Plein Air Compotion at the McMichael Gallery in Kleinburg (home of the Group of Seven and Tom Thompson), where his painting won first place.

His work has been sited in Arabella Magazine, in South West Art and in the North Light Books: The Best of Acrylics 2014, 2015, 2016 and Plein Air Magazines- Plein Air Today. His paintings have sold across Canada, and internationally.

Be sure to check out Brian’s Website


Rescheduled - Peter John Reid

Acrylics – From Start … to Finish by Peter John Reid
Participants must be paid up members of MAA for the year 2020.

If you want to continue sabotaging yourself as an artist, this course is NOT for you. If you want to continue to hide your efforts in the closet or paint over them again, and again, definitely don’t sign up for this course. This course will take your painting from start to finish. Using colour, compositions and form, learn how to maximize your ideas. A graduate of OCAD, Peter John Reid will work with you through the tough points of not knowing where to take your painting, with rewarding results. An encouraging mentor, Peter John Reid loves to share his passion of painting with students who take his courses and has authored 3 books on painting. His work is displayed at galleries in Halifax, Clarksburg, Muskoka, Southampton and Chatsworth.


Workshop Lead: Nienke Smith
Instructor: Peter John Reid
Timing: To be announced
Location: Manotick United Church

Register: email to
Cost: $190, PayPal or e-transfer to



Rescheduled - Rosemary Leach

Colour Mixing with Rosemary Leach
Participants must be paid up members of MAA for the year 2020.

This workshop is designed for painters of all levels from Novice to Advanced.

Rosemary paints with acrylics but the concepts she shares apply to oil as well.

The spirit of the workshop will be to acquire a breadth of information, experiment with the content, and develop a greater set of aesthetic options to support your own painting.

The first part of the workshop will be an overview of colour mixing. We will focus on simple colour mixing exercises. Rather than searching for the “right” colour, Rosemary encourages students towards colour “families” and towards loose brushwork.

The second part of the workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to apply the same concepts to a fresh painting working in a loose and gestural manner, applying the concepts from the colour mixing exercises OR you can bring a painting that you are already in the process of working on.

Simple compositions are encouraged for this workshop

Rosemary encourages students to paint without perfectionism, trusting that every artist has their own style that is woven into their body of work.

Rosemary will supply each participant with Heavy Paper and Masonite Board for the morning mixing exercises.

Please arrive by 9:45am to be set up by 10 am!

Rosemary will begin speaking at 10 and her preference is to have everyone settled and with a clear brain for a clean start.

Don’t miss out on this workshop as it is sure to be a very informative and fun learning experience.

Location: Moncion’s Independent 685 River Road (upper level)
Date: To be announced
Timing: 10am-3pm
Cost: $125- PayPal or an e-Transfer to:
Class Size: max 10 participants


Supply list will be sent out once registered.

Rosemary Leach

Rosemary Leach paintings explore the rich character of familiar objects. She responds to the contemporary “cool” aesthetic with a focus on what is warm, personal and evokes a story; a milk carton strapped to an old bicycle, espresso on a messy countertop. Her compositions honour a contemplative approach to everyday life and a celebration of lives deeply lived.

Her paintings are featured in collections from California to the east coast of Canada, in the UK and in Europe. Rosemary Leach has taught fine art for a variety of organizations including MASC Artists in the School Program, as well as a variety of private retreats in Quebec and the Ottawa Valley.

Be sure to check out Rosemary's website :


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